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PMP FAQs - Operating the PMP Program
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1. How can the Startup Message be viewed?

On the Menubar, click on "View", then select "Show Message at Start-up".

2. Why does the model not let me input a certain temperature?

The models were developed over specific ranges of environmental variables. For example, the Aerobic A. hydrophila in Culture Media model was developed over a temperature range of 41?F (5?C) to 107.6F (42?C). The accuracy of predictions made inside (interpolation) this range is known. However, the accuracy of predictions made outside (extrapolation) of this range (e.g., 150?F) is not known, and the software does not permit such values to be entered.

3. Will the PMP run on a Macintosh computer?

No. The PMP was developed specifically for Microsoft operating systems.

4. How do I make the PMP plot the growth of multiple bacteria under any one set of particular conditions on the same graph?

You can't do this with the current PMP. At one point, the PMP (version 5.1) could display multi-organism predictions on one graph, however because of mistakes in interpretation by some food safety managers, we decided to remove this feature.

What you can do is 1) request a copy of version 5.1 (we'd have to mail you a CD), or 2) copy the tables from multiple growth predictions to excel and plot them there.

5. Some of the text is oversized and the Calculate button appears over on top of the "Initial Level" and "Level of Concern" inputs.

This is happening because your DPI (dots per inch) is set to High. To remedy this, begin by closing down any works in progress you might have open, because the change we are about to make will require a restart. Now, go to:

Start Menu => Control Panel => Display => Settings (tab) => Advanced (button) => General (tab)

Change the DPI from "Large size (120 DPI)" to "Normal size (96 DPI)

Note: if your control panel is in Classic View, you click "Appearance and Themes," then "Display"

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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