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PMP FAQs - Cooling Models
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1.  Why won't my complete time-temperature profile show in the cooling input table?

You can only enter up to 50 combinations of time and temperature in the cooling profile box.

2.  How do I input cooling profile data into the Cooling model?

You can directly type in your cooling profile data in the table on the left of the screen or you can import the data from a file. To learn how to input the data, click on the "Show me how" button at the bottom of the time-temperature window. After following these directions, you can import the time-temperature data by clicking on the "Import Cooling Profile" button at the bottom of the time-temperature window.

3.  Can you use these models if you do not know the product temperature but you know the room temperature where the product is maintained?

No. You must measure the temperature of the product, specifically the part of the product that has the highest temperature.

4.  What does it mean when my cooling profile is similar to the times in the USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service Appendix B, yet the PMP C. perfringens or C. botulinum model shows more than 1.0 log10 of growth?

The minimum recommended cooling times listed in Appendix B ( are a guide for safely cooling meat products. Depending on the food product, these times may result in a prediction of more than 1 log10 of growth. As stated in Appendix B "If the product remains between 120? F and 80? F more than one hour, compliance with the performance standard is less certain." However, you would need to validate the model in your food product before knowing that the model makes accurate predictions.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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