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Liu, Cheng Kung
Research Leader
(215) 836-6924
Eastern Regional Research Center
600 Mermaid Lane
Wyndmoor PA 19038

Using chemical and biotechnological principles, environmentally-friendly methods are developed to increase the value and use of domestic fats and oils, hides, wool, and other animal co-products. Research is conducted on the following: • Hides and leather research is to support the environmentally sound utilization of the most valuable co-product of the meatpacking industry and its conversion into leather and other valuable products. • Wool research is to open new markets for the co-product of the lamb and mutton industry by developing improved textiles and by converting wool protein into new biobased products. • Rendered products research is to develop non-feed applications for meat and bone meal and related products; • Biosurfactants and biopolymers research is to add value to animal fats, plant oils and co-processing products by developing commercially viable, environmentally friendly microbial bioproducts and derivatives.

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