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Opportunities for Graduate Study at PSWMRU

PSWMRU is located on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University, ranked fourteenth among the Top Public National Universities in the U.S. (USNews and World Report, 2002). ARS scientists at PSWMRU are members of the graduate faculty, hold Adjunct Faculty appointments in academic departments, serve on graduate advisory committees, and supervise graduate thesis research. Graduate students who work with PSWMRU scientists are enrolled in the PSU Graduate School and are affiliated with an academic department.

Interdisciplinary teams of USDA ARS scientists at PSWMRU interact and collaborate with university scientists to conduct three specific research projects:

Mitigating Emissions and Adapting Farm Systems to Climate Variability

Multifunctional Farms and Landscapes to Enhance Ecosystem Services

Management and Conservation Practices to Improve Water Quality in Agroecosystems of the Northeastern Us

Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions:

Hydrologist, Hydraulic or Agricultural Engineer, Soil Scientist

Agricultural Engineer/Research Agronomist/Plant Physiologist

Interested candidates should contact the individual scientist for additional opportunities of graduate study at the M.S.,Ph.D.,Post Doc level

PSWMRU Scientists

PSWMRU Scientists Departmental Affiliation

Adler, Paul, Agronomist Ecosystem Science and Management
Bryant, Ray, Soil Scientist Ecosystem Science and Management
Buda, Anthony, Hydrologist Ecosystem Science and Management
Church, Clinton, Chemist Ecosystem Science and Management
Dell, Curtis, Soil Scientist Ecosystem Science and Management
Goslee, Sarah, Ecologist Plant Science
Kleinman, Peter, Research Leader and Soil Scientist Ecosystem Science and Management
Rotz,C. Alan, Agricultural Engineer Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Soder, Kathy J., Animal Scientist Animal Science
Veith, Tamie L., Agricultural Engineer Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Current Graduate Students and Post Docs


Senorpe Asem-Hiablie Post-Doc, Ag Engineer
Kyle Elkin Post-Doc, Chemist

Interesting Facts

The College of Agricultural Sciences was the first of the 11 colleges established at Penn State.
Today the College of Agricultural Sciences is the sixth largest agricultural college in the nation and the largest in the Big 10.

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For further information, check out Penn State's Main Page

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Last Modified: 8/24/2017
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