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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Fumiomi Takeda (Fumi)

Research Horticulturist



2217 Wiltshire Road

Kearneysville, WV 25430

Voice: (304) 725-3451 x212


Professional biographical information:

Ph.D. Plant Physiology, University of California, Davis                                                        

M.S.  Agriculture, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fresno                                                               

B.S.   Agricultural Science, CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fresno

1973-1975, Lecturer (Plant Science), CaliforniaStateUniversity, Fresno

1975 -1979, Research Assistant (Pomology), University of California, Davis

1980-1982, Assistant Professor (Viticulture), Florida A&M University, Tallahassee
1982 to Present, Research Horticulturist, USDA-ARS, Kearneysville, WV


CRIS Research Project: Small Fruit Production Systems


Description of research projects:

Development of a year-round culture for strawberries, utilizing controlled environment, protective covers, and soil-less substrates. Optimize production of stolons/plantlets in soil-less substrates and enhance out-of-season fruit production. Study resource storage/allocation and environmental factors effecting reproductive organ development in strawberry (Fragaria) and blackberry (Rubus).



  • Developed a unique trellis system that improved harvest operation and canopy management in blackberries.  The rotatable cross-arm trellis and cane training system improved machine harvesting and increased hand harvest efficiency and improved winter survival.
  • Developed new knowledge on reproductive biology and factors associated with non-uniformity in fruit ripening.
  • Documented the effect of winter temperatures on floral bud development in blackberries.
  • Documented that high winter strawberry yields are possible in the eastern United States under protected cultivation and using transplants rooted in early July.
  • Demonstrated the feasibility of mechanical harvesting system for fresh market blackberries and blueberries.
  • Documented the constraints and opportunities for integrated aquaculture-greenhouse cropping systems.
  • Determined the effect of various canopy manipulation and pruning levels on blackberry productivity and winter bud survival.
  • Developed alternative weed control methods using mulches containing hydrophobic and hydrophilic kaolin particles.





Effect of tip storage duration on their viability.
Tip size and  weight influence on field performance
Rowcovers improve winter survival of blackberry
V-45 blueberry harvester on rabbiteye and southern highbush blueberries
Red light affects flowering in short-day strawberry
Delaying flowering in strawberry with photoselective nets

A Method for Increasing Autumn Flowering in Short-day 'Carmine' Strawberry

Strawberry Transplant Production and Performance in Annual Plasticulture System in the Eastern United States

A winter protection system for blackberries

Primocane growth in 'Chester Thornless' blackberry trained to the rotatable cross-arm trellis. 

Effects of cane number on yield components in 'Chester Thornless' blackberry on the rotatable cross-arm trellis.

Patterns of floral bud development in canes of erect and trailing blackberries. 

Cultivar differences and the effect of winter temperature on flower bud development in blackberry. 

Considerations for machine harvesting fresh-market eastern thornless blackberries:  Trellis designs, cane training systems, and mechanical harvester development. 

Winter pruning affects yield components of 'Black Satin' eastern thornless blackberry.

Out-of-season greenhouse strawberry production in soilless substrate. 

The effect of nitrogen on stolon and ramet growth in four genotypes of Fragaria chiloensis L. 

Effects of transplant conditioning on 'Chandler' strawberry performance in a winter greenhouse production system.

Molecular identification and classification of strawberry phylloid fruit phytoplasma in group 16Sr1, new subgroup R.  

Weed control with hydrophobic and hydrous kaolin clay particle mulches. 

Assessment of the V45 Blueberry Harvester onRabbiteye Blueberry and Southern HighbushBlueberry Pruned to V-Shaped Canopy

Effects of Runner Tip Sizeand Plugging Date on Fall Floweringin Short-Day Strawberry(Fragaria X ananassa Duch.) Cultivars

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