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 This instrument is used to carry out isoelectric focusing on immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips. Rehydration and IEF are carried out in individual thermally conductive ceramic strip holders with built-in platinum electrodes. It can accommodate twelve IPG strips of various sizes, simultaneously.

Photo IBGphore

Ettan DALTsix:

This instrument is used to carry out the 2nd dimension of a 2-D electrophoresis experiment, typically of SDS-PAGE. It can accommodate up to six 20 x 24 cm gels simultaneously

Photo Ettan DALTsix

Typhoon 9410:

This instrument is used to prepare digetized images of protein gels that contain fluorescently labeled proteins or that have been stained with fluorescent protein stains.

Photo Typhoon 9410


This instrument is used to excise spots from 2-D electropherograms in preparation for digestion.


Photo Pro Pic


P>We use this robot to digest the excised protein spots, extract the peptide products and prepare MALDI target plates for analysis.

Photo Pro Prep

4700 TOF/TOF:

This instrument incorporates matrix assisted laser desorption ionization source (MALDI) with a tandem time of flight mass analyzer. It is used in protein identification experiments to generate peptide mass fingerprints (PMFs), to generate product ion spectra and for de novo sequencing. It is capable of very accurate mass determinations (+/- 2 ppm) with excellent resolution (> 20,000).


Photo 4700

2000 Q-Trap:

This instrument incorporates a nano electrospray ionization source (nESI) with a linear ion trap mass analyzer and can be used to carry out on line LC-MS/MS. While it is mass accuracy is not as impressive as the TOF/TOF it does have a number of very scanning modes that make it ideal for the study of post translational modification.


Photo 2000 Q-Trap

AKTA Explorer:

This instrument is used to pre-fractionate proteins prior to 2-D electrophoresis or shotgun MDLC analysis. It is compatible with many formats of chromatography.


Photo Akta Explorer

Ultimate MDLC:

This instrument is used in shotgun experiments to separate peptides generated from proteolytic digests of complex protein mixtures. It is a dual gradient system that is capable of running true 2-D separations (SCX followed by RP) for enhanced resolution or dual parallel RP separations for enhanced through put.


Photo Ultimate MDLC

NanoAcquity UPLC

Photo NanoAcquity UPLC

Synapt HDMS

Photo Synapt HDMS

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