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Personal Bio
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Paul Stodghill's bio
Paul Stodghill hold a B.S. in mathematics and computer science from Dickinson College and an M.S. and Ph.D in computer science from Cornell University.
As a post-doc and research associate with the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, he developed programming language and compiler techniques to support efficient linear algebra computations using sparse matrices for the simulation of cracks in physical materials. As a senior research associate, he developed compiler and run-time support for checkpoint and recovery of message-passing parallel applications and deployed distributed loosely coupled numerical simulations of rocket thrusters using Grid-like systems.
Since joining ARS as a (computational) physical scientist, Dr. Stodghill has focused on developing and deploying computational methods needed to study plant diseases using state of the art high-throughput instruments. This includes developing and applying new computational methods for analyzing large datasets from high-throughput biological experiments. These methods include genome assembly and annotation, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc. He has worked and continues to work with other ARS and university scientists to study a number of different phytopathogenic bacterial systems, including Pseudomonas syringae pv tomato, Pantoea ananatis, Liberibacter crescens, Clavibacter michiganensis michiganensis and Dickeya spp.