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Posters on new taxonomies and systematics issues presented at 2012 Society for Invertebrate Pathology meeting (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

HURRICANE WARNING! How new nomenclatural rules affect fungal entomopathogens

Phylogenetic reclassification raises new respect--and a new phylum!--for Entomophthorales

Phylogenesis and taxonomic structure of the Entomophthoraceae

Batko, A. 1975. Filogeneza a struktury taksonomiczne Entomophthoraceae. In Ewolucja biologiczna, C. Nowinski (ed.), pp. 209-304. Polska Akad. Nauk, Inst. Filoz. Socjol. Wroclaw.  [ENGLISH TRANSLATION]
An extended commentary and justification on Batko's classification of the Entomophthorales. The challenging perspectives about the biology of these fungi presented here deserve consideration despite the flaws in this classification.

Entomopathogenic fungal identification

A handout for a 1998 workshop (updated in 2005, but more recent taxonomies for many entomopathogenic fungi are not included here). This document includes the key to fungal genera from the 1977 Manual of Techniques in Insect Pathology and keys to major species presenting major characters in the order they should be considered.


Phylogenetic arrangement of fungi tested for presence of polyketide synthetase genes as published in:
Lee, Yun, Hodge, Humber, Krasnoff, Turgeon, Yoder and Gibson, 2001. Polyketide synthase genes in insect- and nematode-associated fungi. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 56: 181-187)


Reprints of all publications by RA Humber
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