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All requests for isolates should be communicated to the Curator:

email:  or
phone:  [+1]-607-255-7008
fax:  [+1]-607-255-1132

Louela Castrillo, Acting Curator
ARS Collection of Entomopathogenic Fungal Cultures
Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health
538 Tower Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14853-2901  (USA)


FOR INCOMING REQUESTS, Please provide the following contact information about the recipient:

      • complete mailing address
      • email
      • phone number
      • fax number
      • Please note that deliveries by express courier service
        (if this is the recipient's preferred means of shipment)
        cannot be made to post boxes; a street address and
        contact phone number are required for such deliveries.

If possible, persons requesting cultures from locations outside the US are requested to provide the Curator an account number with a global courier service (Federal Express, DHL, etc.) to facilitate shipments and their clearance into the receiving country. ARSEF requests recipients to pay the cost of courier shipping in order to allow ARSEF to continue the breadth and level of services that we seek to provide to all of our clients.



All recipients of ARSEF isolates must determine whether any applicable regulatory authorities require that they obtain appropriate permits to receive and to retain such entomopathogenic fungi. Recipients must provide those permits to ARSEF before requests will be processed.

Recipients in laboratories located INSIDE THE UNITED STATES:
The most important permit covering US recipients of entomopathogenic fungi is the USDA-APHIS Form 526, Application and Permit to Move Live Plant Pests or Noxious Weeds. Applications for such permits can be filed through the online ePermits system. Although only USDA-APHIS-PPQ Permits Section can interpret their own regulations and policies, it seems generally that domestic (US) recipients States do not need permits to receive entomopathogenic fungal isolates of indigenous (American) origin but that permits are required to receive nonidigenous isolates (originating from outside the US) even if the same fungus also occurs in the United States.

Recipients in laboratories located OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES:
Recipients of ARSEF isolates located in other countries must determine whether an importation permit is needed, and to provide that permit to ARSEF before cultures can be shipped.


Academic, Governmental, and Other Nonprofit Institutions:

1-12 isolates per request [up to 24 isolates per year] -- no charge

13+ isolates per request [25+ or more per year] -- contact the Curator

Users from nonprofit institutions can receive up to 12 isolates without charge in any 6 month period, and up to 24 isolates in any calendar year. Requests in excess of these limits may be charged at a negotiable rate per additional isolate requested. Requests from commercially sponsored research programs performed by nonprofit institutions are charged at the commercial rate and are not subject to numerical limits.


Commercial and Industrial Institutions:

US$ 85 per strain (shipping is included)

Nonprofit institutions working on commercially sponsored contractual projects (such as screening programs) are charged at the rate of US$ 85 per strain requested. There are no limits on the numbers of cultures that can be requested or shipped.

Commercial or industrial firms supporting research at the ARS Emerging Pests and Patgogens Research Unit are entitled to free access to cultures pertinent to contracted projects; all other requests are charged at the current rate.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Terms of Shipment

Isolates will not be prepared for shipment until any required regulatory permits have been provided to ARSEF, or any questions about substitutions of isolates, and any specialized needs or methods for shipment are resolved. Consult the Curator of the collection with questions about fees due for any particular shipment.

Recipients of isolates in locations outside the United States are encouraged to provide express courier (FedEx, DHL, etc.) account numbers at the time of placing a request so that isolates move by the fastest, most secure shipping method available, can be tracked most easily, and obtain expedited clearance of quarantine and customs in the receiving country.

Shipments leaving the United States will be made by international airmail services unless arrangements for express courier service are made.

We request confirmation of receipt and viability of cultures shipped. Strains that are inviable upon receipt will be replaced.


ARSEF reserves the right to refuse to ship strains:

  • to recipients who cannot handle them with standard microbiological practices,
  • to laboratories that cannot assure laboratory containment of isolates EXCEPT after obtaining permissions from applicable State and Federal regulatory agencies,
  • if use of routine mailing or shipping services cannot assure the receipt of viable cultures.


Neither ARSEF, the ARS Emerging Pests and Pathogens Research Unit 
nor any staff of these institutions shall be held liable for damages arising from
the misidentification of any isolates.


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Last Modified: 10/2/2017
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