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These catalog files are in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format
and are readable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

NOTE: All catalogs and live searches of isolate data incorporate
the most current supportable taxonomies for ARSEF fungi.
Significant changes in the nomenclatural rules for many fungi have a
large and ongoing impact on the entomopathogens in the order Hypocreales.
These changes are discussed the introductory material in the catalogs.




Compiled October 2017, with over 13,000 accessions.


Complete indexes from the 2014 catalog (258 pages; 1.7 MB)


Many ARSEF clients prefer to receive lyophilized (freeze-dried) units rather than petri plates of actively growing isolates. The following files list isolates are available in freeze-dried form. Isolates are listed by their ARSEF accession number or by their Fungus Key (an acronym of the species' name). The Fungus Keys file prodices the identifying codes used in these lists and the full taxonomic authorities for all fungi in the ARSEF collection.

NOTE: The information in these files cannot be obtained
from online searches of the ARSEF collection.


LYO by ARSEF    (18 pages; 287 KB)

LYO by Fungus Key    (19 pages; 254 KB)

Fungus Keys   (12 pages; 270 KB) 


Special ARSEF Catalogs

These special catalogs are complete and indexed subsets of ARSEF
accessions for our most commonly requested isolates.

[compiled March 2012]

Special catalogs for major fungal taxa:

Beauveria     (194 pp; 1.8 MB)

Metarhizium, Nomuraea, Metarhiziopsis     (140 pages; 1.6 MB)

Isaria, Paecilomyces, Purpureocillium, Evlachovaea     (74 pages; 1.4 MB)

Slime-spored fungi     (74 pages; 1.4 MB)

Entomophthoromycota     (106 pages; 1.5 MB)

Trichomycetes and similar fungi     (28 pages; 1.2 MB)


Special catalogs based on original hosts of isolates:

Isolates from Coleoptera     (114 pages; 1.5 MB)

Isolates from Hemiptera and Thysanoptera     (158 pages; 1.8 MB)

Isolates from Lepidoptera     (100 pages; 1.5 MB)


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