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NEA 2020 Interns
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Hope Atkins
Charles Herbert Flowers High School
Optimizing crop yield with spatially varied fertilizer application
Skills acquired: statistics and modeling, computer programming

USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory Beltsville, MD


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Lindsay Brown
Cornell University
Using computer vision to identify disease resistance in grape
Skills acquired: digital agriculture, viticulture, vineyard management, genetics, plant pathology

USDA-ARS Grape Genetic Research Unit Geneva, NY



Bailey Bryant
University of Maine
Estimation of breeding values for fillet fatty acid content in Atlantic salmon breeding program
Skills acquired: aquaculture, animal husbandry, nutrition, chemical analysis

USDA-ARS National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center Franklin ME



Molly Dexter
Hobart William Smith Colleges
Phenotypic analysis of fire blight in Malus species
Skills acquired: plant pathology, statistics, horticulture, digital agriculture, genetics and germplasm

USDA-ARS Plant Genetic Resources Unit Geneva, NY

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Sky Harper
Drexel University
Identification of Endolysin and Glycosyl Hydrolase Family 25 Proteins in Streptomyces
Skills acquired: genomics, proteomics, BLAST, protein alignment, Geneious and MEGA software, phylogenetics, identifying candidate phages, codon optimization

USDA-ARS Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Lab Beltsville, MD


Abigail Mathis
East Tennessee State University
Development of a library of floral mutations in ornamental plants
Skills acquired: plant pathology, data management

USDA-ARS U.S. National Arboretum, Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center McMinnville, TN