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Plant Genetic Resources Unit (PGRU)

Our Collaborators:

Cornell University: 1) New Sources of Wild Apple Germplasm and Enhancement Germplasm Evaluated for Disease Resistance (Phil Forsline and Herb Aldwinckle), 2) Access of New Public Varieties and Germplasm of Vegetables for Organic Farmers and Seed Producers (Larry Robertson and Molly Jahn), and 3) Evaluation of Crucifer Germplasm for Resistance to Black Rot (Xanthomonas campestric pv. campestris) (Philip Griffiths and Larry Robertson).

University of California:  Maintenance, Acquisition an utilization of Genetic Stocks of Tomato and Related Species (Roger Chetelat and Larry Robertson) and Pinot Meunier Chimeric Separation Through Somatic Embryogenesis (Dave Tricoli)

New Mexico State University:  Short-Day Onion Regenerations (Christopher Cramer and Larry Robertson)

Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission:  Replant Disease Tolerance of Geneva Rootstocks (Gennaro Fazio)