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Seed Propagated Crops
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Harvested tomatoes

The PGRU curates a number of seed propagated crops. Among these are onion, celery, cole crops, squash, buckwheat, tomato, radish and others. Each year several of the crops undergo seed regeneration. Regeneration frequency is based on factors such as quantity, viability and genetic integrity of the accession.

Seed accessions in the past have been held in the seed storage area at 20% R.H. and 0? C . The seed lots of any given accession were kept in packaging ranging from paper pouches to foil heat sealed packets. The main seed storage area has undergone a renovation which has dropped the temperature to -18? C. This change eliminates the need for a dehumidifier and also freed up some office space where the dehumidifier was located.

**NOTE:  The GRIN database refers to the PGRU as site NE9 for vegetabel crops and site GEN for clonally propagated crops.  You must select the appropirate site code when placing an order for germplasm.

Core Tomato Collection

Seed Production at PGRU (MS Powerpoint 50.7 MB)

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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