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What is a Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement
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  • A Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement (NFCA) is a written legal instrument that documents a relationship between the United States Government and a State Department of Agriculture, college, university, other research institution or organization, private agency or organization, or any other party.

  • A NFCA does not provide for an exchange of funds.

  • A NFCA does provide for non-monetary support, including supplies, equipment, chemicals, personnel, etc. from or to a cooperator.

In most circumstances, it may be more appropriate to establish a funded cooperative agreement if funds are to be provided.

A NFCA is appropriate when:
  • All parties to the NFCA have a mutual interest in the NFCA's objectives.
  • All parties exercise their own authority independently but cooperatively.
  • All parties maintain control of their own resources, unless state otherwise in the NFCA.
  • An authorized ARS mission is supported.
The best evidence (although not the only evidence) of this support is a close relationship between the objectives of the NFCA and an approved CRIS Document.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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