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Short-Term Visitors
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New and developing requirements from the USDA and ARS Homeland Security units regarding visitor tracking and accountability have necessitated the Beltsville Location to develop new procedures that not only ensure compliance, but provide a more reliable and confident means of controlling non-employee movement throughout BA facilities. The Beltsville Security Advisory Committee has met extensively to develop a visitor policy that is not only effective in meeting these mandates, but stresses common sense in terms of compliance and implementation, particularly with the open campus environment found at BARC.

For the purpose of these new procedures, a short-term visitor (U.S. citizen or non-citizen) is defined as an individual who does not have a USDA photo identification card and is provided short-term access to BA facilities for the purpose of tours, workshops, meetings, etc. for a period of 2 weeks or less.

The reporting and accountability requirements for non-citizen visitors as detailed in the Area Director's memorandum of January 15, 2003, to all Beltsville Location employees remains unchanged.

The following locations will serve as visitor check-in/out locations for the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center:

The receptionist desk in the Administration Building will serve as the visitor check-in/out location for the U.S. National Arboretum.