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Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Addresses BARC Employees

March 21, 2012

Secretary Vilsack, Photo Jim Plaskowitz

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack visited the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultrual Research Center on March 21, 2012 to hold an "Ask the Secretary" session with USDA employees.

He discussed announced USDA's "Blueprint for Stronger Service": The Blueprint for Stronger Service aims to build a modern and efficient service organization that is closely timed with technological innovations - and is better suited to respond to 21st century agricultural and rural challenges.

BARC Employees ask Seceratary Vilsack Questions, Photo Jim Plaskowitz
In Addition, the Administrative Solutions Project (ASP) has resulted in 133 recommendations that affirm processes already in place, as well as 27 initial improvements, and other, longer-term improvements. Goals of the ASP include:

Following a brief presentation, Secretary Vilsack opened up the floor for questions on any topic from the audience.

BARC Employees at Seceratary Vilsack Session, Photo Jim Plaskowitz