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NAA SH&E Policies and Templates
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Acceptable Drain Disposal Procedures  

Area and Location Safety Brochure

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
Saving Sudden Cardiac Victims- AEDs
Example of an Automated External Defibrillators Protocol

Avoid Caught or Crushed Injuries

Back Lifting Guideline

Battery Handling Safety


Biological Safety Manual--Microbial Food Safety Laboratory at UMES

Chainsaw Safety Overview

Chemical Spill Response

Chocking and Blocking Safety

Controlling Electrical Hazards Handbook

Electrical Safety Subpart S Outline (.pdf format) 

Ethdium Bromide SOP

Heat Stress Safety Topic

Indoor Air Quality:  Guide to Acceptable Conditions  

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Guidelines

Medical Waste Disposal Guideline

Moving 55 Gallon Drums

NAA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard Program 

NAA Chemical Hygiene Plan template

NAA Confined Space Plan 08 (.pdf format)

NAA Hearing Conservation Program

NFPA Diamond Guidance

Preparing Emergency Action Plans  

Radiation Safety Checklist for Inspection  

Respiratory Protection Programs 

Using Jacks Safely

Welding Safety

West Virginia Department of Agriculture Worker Protection Standard Inspection Report

Working with Pesticides at North Atlantic Area Locations