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Workplace Violence Prevention Quiz
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Workplace Violence Prevention Quiz

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1. When approached by an angry person, describe an appropriate response:

2. When approaching your car, what should already be in your hand?

3. What should you do when a co-worker starts talking about getting revenge on the boss?

4. Describe what might cause a person to be upset and resort to workplace violence?

5. What should you do if you see two co-works get in a yelling match?

6. USDA requires identification badges to be worn at all time. What should you do if you see a stranger that is not wearing an identification badge?

7. Laughing at an angry person might escalate the situation into violence.


8. Homicide is the second leading cause of job-related deaths


9. Fascination with weapons is a warning sign of potential violence


10.The first priority after an incidence of workplace violence is to make sure any victims receive proper medical attention.


NOTE When finished, print out a copy and return it to your Safety Officer. Or...

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