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Tool & Machine Guard
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General Safety Rules

    • Always follow the instructions in the user's manual.
    • Use stable footing to maintain your balance.
    • Do not try to use your tools in awkward positions.
    • Keep the work area clear of clutter.

Before You Plug it in

    • Check for loose or frayed cords.
    • Only use double-insulated or three-pronged plugs.
    • Be sure the power tool you need to use has a functioning guard.
    • Properly tighten all nuts and bolts.


Wrong Tools
    • Never place your finger on the start button while carrying a power tool.

    • Never try to alter a tool to complete a task it was not designed to perform, i.e do not use a screwdriver as a hammer.

    • Never remove a guard from a tool or machine.

    • Power-grinding machines shall have proper grounding. Work rests must be kept at a distance not to exceed 1/8 inch from the wheel surface.


    • Use a ground fault circuit interrupter.
    • Use the tool for the task for which is was designed.
    • Ensure the bits and blades are sharp.
    • Check the hose connections for pneumatic tools.

Consider your Clothing

Ripped Clothing
    • Remove rings or other jewelry before you operate any machinery.

    • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing and keep long hair pulled back.

    • All persons using abrasive wheels shall use approved eye-protective devices.

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