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Proper Operating Parameters
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Autoclave Parameter


The parameters for the sterilization cycle will depend upon the amount and type of material. Usually 121 C? at 15 psi for 30 minutes is recommended.

Make sure chart paper or printer paper is in place to document the cycle parameters for the load.

1. Follow the guidelines set by the posted autoclave paramenter signs when setting cycle time.

2. To prevent spills and accidents, be sure the exhaust setting is appropriate for the type of material you are autoclaving.  Use FAST exhaust for solid items and SLOW exhaust for liquids.

Autoclave Parameter

Causes of Autoclave Failure

Mistakes by the operator may include:

  1. Improper use of containers that block access of steam to the load

  2. Sealing the bag close before autoclaving

  3. Not adding water to the load before autoclaving

  4. Autoclaving a bag of waste that is too large

  5. Over-filling an autoclave bag

Unloading the Autoclave Safely