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Medical Emergencies - Geneva
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Last Modified: 8/12/2016

In Case of Medical Emergency:

  1. Tend to the injured person

    • Chemical spill on body - wash immediately under emergency shower. Remove contaminated clothing

    • Chemical splash in eyes - rinse eyes for 15 minutes in an emergency eyewash

  2. Alert others to the injury. If seroius, call 9-911 & 2499 and a member of the 1st Response team:

    • Phil Forsline, (305) 787-2390
    • Sharon Walburn, (315) 787-2244
    • Tiffany Fisk, (315) 787-2307
    • Bill Shaben, (607) 255-1065

  3. Wash all cuts and punture wounds and seek medical attention

  4. Wash radioactive material on body carefully to prevent spreading

  5. Wash radioactive material on body carefuly to prevent spreading

  6. Report all injuries to your supervisor