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Centrifuge Safety Quiz
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Ninety percent of centrifuge failures are due to user error.

If you are unsure on how to correctly use a centrifuge, you should:
Read the manual
Ask a colleague
Call the manufacturer

Critical steps to follow in preparing a centrifuge run include:
Dry the centrifuge bowl and clean the drive spindle
Balance the centrifuge tubes/bottles
Seat the rotor on the drive hub correctly
Don't overlook rotor/make sure all rotor parts move freely
Check o-rings for cracks/grease seals weekly

Common user errors include:
Failure to secure the rotor to the drive
Not putting the lid on the rotor

It's OK to open a centrifuge while the rotor is still spinning

The two main causes of rotor failure are:

Proper rotor maintenance includes:
Cleaning rotors thoroughly and gently, including final rinse with d.i. water
Use wire end bottle brushes to clean aluminum rotors
Inspecting rotors regularly
Maintaining rotor logs

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