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Click on the link to download the file in Powerpoint format and/or PDF  format (NOTE: file sizes may be large, and require patience for downloading):

  • Turner, K.E. 2011. Forages and Research Summary of Finishing Small Ruminants on Pasture. Presentation at the 2011 Western Maryland Goat Field Day and Sale, 24 September 2011. (Powerpoint, 22 MB)
  • Clapham,W.M.,et al., Acoustic monitoring system to quantify ingestive behavior of free-grazing cattle. Comput. Electron.Agric. (2011), doi:10.1016/j.compag.2011.01.009
    (WMV 23 MB)
  • Turner, K.E. 2009. Forages and Nutrition for Dairy Goats.  Southeast Dairy Goat Conference, University of Tennessee Research and Education Center, Spring Hill, TN. 24 October 2009.
    Powerpoint, 7.8 MB
  • Appalachian Workshop and Research Update: Improving Small Ruminant Grazing Practices, July 11, 2009

    1. Introduction (Powerpoint 2.92 MB)
    2. Turner, K. E. Finishing Lambs and Goat Kids on Pasture, (Powerpoint 13.4 MB)
    3. Neel, James P. S. Silvopasture, a Natural Choice (Powerpoint 2.7 MB)
    4. Cassida, Kimberly A. Non-Traditional Forages for Central Appalachia (Powerpoint 9.06 MB
    5. Foster, Joyce G. Opportunities to Control Haemonchus contortus (Powerpoint 19.5 MB)
    6. Morales, Mario M. American Potato Bean: Potential Forage/Dietary Supplement for Small Ruminants (Powerpoint 2.27 MB)
    7. Ferreira, Jorge Artemisia Species in Small Ruminant Production:  Their Potential Antioxidant and Anthelmintic Effects (Powerpoint5.26 MB)
  • Boyer, D. G. and J. P. S. Neel. Nitrate and Fecal Coliform Concentrations in Silvopasture and Pasture Leachates. Presented at the 11th North American Agroforestry Conference, Columbia, MO. May 31-June 3, 2009. Powerpoint (17.7 MB)
  • Turner, K.E. Farm Resources for Finishing Lambs and Kids. Presented at the Kentucky Goat Symposium, Frankfort, KY. 14-16 October 2008.
    Powerpoint (26.6 MB)
  • Turner, K.E.  Resources for finishing lambs and goat kids on pasture.  Presented at the 35th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, West Friendship, MD as part of the Shepherd's Seminar Series. 3-4 May 2008.
    Powerpoint (26.3 MB)
  • Belesky, David. 2005. Invited presentation: Overview of Appalachian Farming Systems Research Center Program.  Ohio State Department of Horticulture & Crop Science. 28 October 2005.
    Powerpoint (26.9 MB)
  • Zobel, R. W. 2005. A Comparison of 4 Computer Based Root Diameter Measurement Systems - Efficacy with Diameters Less Than 0.5 mm. Presented at the International Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, Salt Lake City, UT, November 6-10.  
    Powerpoint   (1.7 MB)
    PDF (117 KB)
  • Boyer, D. G. 2005. How Present Land Use Affects Karst. Presented at the Growing Communities on Karst Workshop, Fairlea, WV, October 18-19. 
    Powerpoint  (18 MB) 
    PDF (4.9 MB)

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