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NAA Ethics
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Dr. Dariusz Swietlik,  Designated Area Ethics Advisor
  Diane K. Koch, Ethics Assistant

The Designated Area Ethics Advisor (DAEA), along with the Ethics Assistant (EA), has responsibility for ensuring that the North Atlantic Area employees adhere to general principles of ethical conduct as well as specific ethical standards. The Area Ethics Office provides advice and counsel on issues directly and indirectly related to the employees and their jobs in NAA. These include questions on acceptance of travel funds, gifts, participation in associations as officers, subpoenas, honoraria, awards presented by outside organizations, outside activities, etc.

In addition to advice and counsel, the Area Ethics Office conducts annual Ethics Training, calls for annual Financial Disclosure and performs the reviews associated with Financial Disclosure. There are two guiding principles of ethical conduct --

--employees shall not use public office for private gain, and

--employees shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.

In addition, employees must strive to avoid any action that would create the appearance that they are violating the law or ethical standards.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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