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Biobased Products-Civilian
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"2003 Closing The Circle Award" goes to BARC

The Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) has been constantly expanding the use of biobased products since 1999. The Center has worked closely with the Defense Energy Supply Center, to purchase large quantities of pre-blended B20, which reduced costs and made it easier for Defense and civilian agencies to purchase the fuel.

In addition to biodiesel, the Center utilizes a variety of biobased products on a regular basis. Specific examples include soy-backed carpet; biobased 2-cycle oil; gear lubricant; hydraulic fluids; lithium grease; anti-wear hydraulic oil; chainsaw bar and chain lubricant; oil cutter; penetrating fluid; power steering fluid; and engine oil. All shops utilize biobased hand cleaners, parts cleaners, and metal cleaners.

When it was time to negotiate a new janitorial contract, BARC included in the statement of work a requirement that the contractor utilize biobased and/or environmentally preferable cleaning materials, restroom hand soaps, and other products. The contract was successfully awarded, and these products are being used on a daily basis in all buildings.

Use of Biobased Products at BARC - Indepth Discussion

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