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SR23 - Download Files
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All files are compressed using PKZip, right click here to download pkzip

Documentation for the database is available either in the main SR23 directory as a PDF fileor in the download files listed here. The documentation is given as a PDF file. PDF files can be read using the Acrobat reader which is available free. To install a PDF viewer in your web browser read, "Steps to Downloading the Free Acrobat Reader"

Full version 

  • ASCII (7.6Mb) - This file contains the SR23 data in ASCII, delimited files. These tables are organized in a relational format, and are best used with a relational database management system (RDBMS), which will allow you to form your own queries of the database and generate custom reports.

  • ACCESS (19.1Mb) - This file contains the SR23 data imported into a Microsoft Access database.  It includes relationships between files and a few sample queries and reports.  You need Microsoft Access 2003 or later to use this file.

Abbreviated - This file contains data for all food items, but not all nutrient values--starch, fluoride, betaine, vitamin D2 and D3, added vitamin E, added vitamin B12, alcohol, caffeine, theobromine, phytosterols, individual amino acids, individual fatty acids, or individual sugars are not included.

  • ASCII (0.8Mb) - delimited file suitable for importing into many programs.

  • Excel (3.41Mb) - for use with Microsoft Excel, but can also be used by many other spreadsheet programs.

Update Files -  Contains updates for those users who have loaded Release 22 into their own computers and wish to do their own updates.

  • ASCII (0.6Mb) - delimited file suitable for import into many programs

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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