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Priority-2 Foods: Monitoring and Trends
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The Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL) reviewed levels of sodium and related nutrients (potassium, total and saturated fat, total dietary fiber, and total sugar) in Priority-2 Foods in 2012-13 and will continue to monitor them every two years. NDL tracks changes in Priority-2 Foods by comparing the nutrient levels in 2012-13 (baseline) to those from later years. The Sodium Monitoring Datasethas baseline information on sodium and related nutrients for all Priority-2 Foods under the tab "Priority-2 Foods - Baseline." The tab "Priority-2 Foods - Monitoring" has information on the foods whose sodium levels changed by at least 10% from baseline. These changes could be due to improvements in data. For example, NDL might now have laboratory analysis or market share data for these foods that changed the estimates of sodium levels. These changes could also mean that the sodium levels have actually gone up or down in these foods because their manufacturers reformulated the foods or the brand's popularity changed.