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How to Submit Data - Checklist
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NDL maintains a scientific, non-regulatory database,and appreciates submissions of as much information as possible

           Check List:

   Product Identification

  • Manufacturer
  • Brand Name
  • Food Item Description (e.g. oatmeal, instant, dry, etc.)
  • Serving Size and Weight (e.g. 1 packet = 35g)
  • Common or Regional Names
  • Ingredient Lists

  Nutrient Datafor Edible Portion

  • Nutrient
  •  Nutrient Value (not adjusted for food label); either individual data points or means
  • Number of samples analyzed per nutrient
  • Standard deviation or standard error if n > 2
  • Unit Measure (e.g. mg, IU, etc.)

For Calculated Data

    • Database Used, Version, Year of Release
    • Specific Nutrient Calculations (e.g. N to protein, calories: 4,4,9 or other, folate, calculation from fortification or enrichment declaration, etc.)

   For Analytical Data

           Analytical Method

  • Date of Analyses
  • Analytical Method Used (AOAC reference or other) for each nutrient analyzed
  • Name and Location of Analytical Lab
  • Quality Control Information
      •  Use of reference and/or control materials
      • Use of duplicate determinations
      •  Method of validation

Sampling Strategy

  • Where Were Samples Obtained (retail locations or production line)
  • Number of Lots Sampled
  • Number of Units Sampled Within a Lot
  • How Often You Sampled
  • Sample Handling
  • Number of Samples Used in a Composite

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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