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Errata for SR25 - December 14, 2012
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Since the release of SR25, one error has been identified in NDB No. 14627, Energy Drink, Monster

Nutrient No.

Nutrient Description

Revised value*

Original SR25 value*





* Milligrams per 100 grams

A file containing the patch is available for the ASCII files:

Users who have imported or plan to import the database into their programs from the ASCII files will need to use this patch to update the appropriate files. The Microsoft Access database for the full version (sr25.mdb) has also been updated.

These values have been updated in the online web search program. However, these values have not been updated in the downloadable search programs (PC search ). The changes included in the December 2012 patch file for SR25 will be included in the update files disseminated with SR26.