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Tables 41-56 as a single file (468 pages)
Nutrient Intakes: From Food and Beverages
Nutrient Intakes: From Food/Beverages and Dietary Supplements
Nutrient Intakes per 1000 kcal: From Food and Beverages
Energy Intakes: Percent from Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Alcohol
Away from Home:Percent of Nutrients
All Restaurants:Nutrient Intakes
Full Service Restaurants:Nutrient Intakes
Quick Service Restaurants:Nutrient Intakes
Breakfast:Percent of Nutrients
Lunch:Percent of Nutrients
Dinner:Percent of Nutrients
Snacks:Percent of Nutrients
Snacks:Distribution of Snack Occasions
Meals and Snacks:Distribution of Meal Patterns and Snack Occasions

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