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AMPM - Features
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  • Employs research-based strategies to enhance dietary recall:
        - Respondent-driven approach allowing initial recall to be self-defined
        - Association with the day's events
        - Probes for frequently forgotten foods
        - Repetition with minimal burden
        - Reviews 24-hour day
        - Placement of foods with eating occasions
  • Interviewer-administered, in person or by telephone
  • Extensive automated capabilities, including:
        - Unique questions and response options specific for each food
        - Routing of questions based on previous responses
        - Food lookup tables reflecting today's food market
        - Ability to add, change, or delete foods anytime during the interview
        - Automated edit checks performed during data entry
        - Notepad features for interviewer comments
  • Companion Food Model Booklet, an aid for estimating portion sizes
  • Companion, supportive computer systems for auto-coding, manual coding, and quality control
  • Utilizes the Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies

5-Step Multiple-Pass Approach

Step   Purpose
Quick List   Collect a list of foods and beverages consumed the previous day.
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  Probe for foods forgotten during the Quick List.
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Time &
  Collect time and eating occasion for each food.
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Detail Cycle   For each food, collect detailed description, amount, and additions. Review 24-hour day.
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Final Probe   Final probe for anything else consumed.

Read more about USDA's Automated Multiple-Pass Method:

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