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Equal Employment Opportunity / Civil Rights Award (Co-Recipients)

The USDA Food and Nutrition Summer Institute team which is comprised of people within and outside of the Beltsville Area is being recognized for outstanding leadership in the creation of the USDA Food and Nutrition Summer Institute, a unique program within USDA to facilitate a strong, diverse workforce in food and nutrition research and education. BA employees include Dr. Ellen W. Harris, Dr. Paul A. Cotton, Dr. Deirdra N. Chester, and Ms. Linda Nix, all of the Community Nutrition Research Group, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center.


Presidental Rank Award
Meritorious Executive Award

Joseph T. Spence
Deputy Administrator for Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality, Beltsville, MD

Among other accomplishments, Dr. Spence is being recognized for his leadership in development of the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center into a world-class research facility addressing key nutritional issues vital to human health.

Beltsville Area's
Celebration of Excellence Awards

Beltsville Technology Transfer Award (Co-Recipients)

The team of Vincent de Jesus, Rena Cutrufelli, Linda Lemar, David Haytowitz, and Robin Thomas
Nutrient Data Laboratory, BHNRC

Recognized for the enhancement of existing nutrient data delivery methods and creation of new distribution platforms for dissemination of nutrient data through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).


Preston Tisdale Safety Award

Allen Smith
Nutrient Requirements & Functions Laboratory, BHNRC

For continued effort to improve the safety and health of facilities at BHNRC and the Beltsville Area.


Beltsville Area's
Celebration of Excellence Awards

Beltsville Area Support/Service Person of the Year

Erica Martin, Office of the Director

In recognition of excellent accounting support to BHNRC.

USDA Honor Awards

Rena Cutrufelli, Nutrient Data Laboratory
Vincent de Jesus, Nutrient Data Laboratory
David Haytowitz, Nutrient Data Laboratory
Joanne M. Holden, Nutrient Data Laboratory
Linda Lemar, Nutrient Data Laboratory
Robin Thomas, Nutrient Data Laboratory

For providing the American public with easy access to USDA's food composition data through personal digital assistants, personal computers, and web-based National Nutrient Database search applications. Group leader: Joanne M. Holden

Outside Awards

Wayne Wolf, Food Composition Laboratory

...was elected Fellow of AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists International) which recognizes the dedication and commitment of those who serve the Association.

Joe Urban, Nutrient Requirements and Functions Laboratory

...was elected President of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitology and appointed editor of the journal Infection and Immunity.

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