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How to prepare specimens on substrate
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Specimens on the substrate should be thoroughly dried before mailing; usually air-drying is sufficient. Large fleshy fungi may require the use of a dehydrator. Characteristics that will disappear upon drying, such as the color of fleshy fungi, should be noted and included with the specimens.

plant press and dehydratorFungi on leaves or other thin substrates should be pressed in a plant press or simply under a heavy weight.

Fungi on woody substrates or twigs should be trimmed to about 12 x 10 cm, dried, and placed in a paper bag or similar container.

materials for making herbarium packetsHerbarium packets can be used to contain specimens on twigs, bark or leaves. Packets can be made from simple materials such as a sheet of white paper with or without cotton wadding to preserve delicate structures.

herbarium packet with twigs100% cotton, acid-free paper is best for making herbarium packets for long term storage.

herbarium packetHerbarium packet ready for labeling.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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