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  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Buyer, Research Chemist
    Evaluates microbial diversity in the rhizosphereby developing and using unique functional and biochemicallybased taxonomic markers, at the isolate and community level, to compare the microbiological impacts of various conventional and alternative agricultural systems.
    E-Mail Jeffrey.Buyer@ars.usda.govor Phone (301)504-8436
  • Dr. Michel A. Cavigelli, Research Soil Scientist
    Conducts research on sustainable cropping systems and nutrient cycling at the Farming Systems Project sites at BARC. The site comprises five cropping systems, three of which are organic.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-8327
  • Dr. C. Benjamin Coffman, Agronomist
    Conducts weed management and crop production research in conservation and conventional tillage systems and sustainable agriculture. Conducts outreach programs for small and underserved minority farmers in the mid-Atlantic region.
    E-MailBen.Coffman@ars.usda.govor Phone (301)504-5398
  • Dr. Dilip K. Lakshman, Research Plant Pathologist
    Conducts research on important soil-borne fungal pathogens of ornamental plants, including Rhizoctonia solani. Current research interests include: characterization and utilization of hypovirulent isolates of R. solani for biological control and/or growth promotion of ornamental plants in the greenhouse; characterization of fungal double-stranded RNAs (dsRNAs),fungal genes and biochemical processes affecting virulence; transformation and transfection of R. solani with fungal dsRNAs; and, exploration and development of biorationals and composts as disease suppressive alternatives to methyl bromide.
    E-Mail Dilip.Lakshman@ars.usda.govor Phone (301)504-6413
  • Dr. Autar K. Mattoo, Research Plant Physiologist
    Specializes in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Develops fundamental information on cross talks between plant hormones,signaling pathways and regulatory genes involved in nutrient accumulation,fruit ripening, senescence, programmed cell death, and plant responses to environmental extremes. Studies assembly and function of the photosystem II reaction center proteins. Investigates integration of genetically engineered crops into sustainable, alternative agriculture from biochemical, molecular genetics and biotechnological perspectives. Functional genomics, proteomics and metabolomics are used for discovery research and to understand transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation in plants.
    E-Mail Autar.Mattoo@ars.usda.govor Phone (301)504-6622
  • Dr. Jude E. Maul, Research Ecologist
    Conducts research on plant/soil ecology and biogeochemistry of agroecosystems. Current research focus is on the fundamental differences between organic and conventional farming systems, in particular how changes in microbial community structure and function influence greenhouse gas flux, organic matter cycling and plant decomposition.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-9068
  • Dr. Patricia D. Millner, Microbiologist
    Conducts basic and applied research on composting, compost amended soil, and rhizospheremicrobes, and microbially- mediated processes that can be used to improve and preserve soil, water, and air quality in sustainable agroecosystems.
    E-Mail Pat.Millner@ars.usda.govor Phone (301)504-5631
  • Dr. Steven B. Mirsky, Research Ecologist
    Conducts cover crop systems research for ecologically based crop/weed management to maintain crop profitability while enhancing soil and water quality and reducing crop production energetic requirements. Empirical agronomic research in a long-term cropping system experiment and additional field trials are coupled with simulation models to optimize agro-ecosystem economic profitability and environmental sustainability. 
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-5324  
  • Dr. Clifford P. Rice, Research Chemist
    Conducts research on the chemistry and fate of allelopathic chemicals employed in sustainable agrosystems. His research focus is primarily on the use of trace analytical techniques and mult-residue methods to achieve better understandings of the causative agents in toxic-effects directed studies.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-6398
  • Dr. Daniel P. Roberts, Research Microbiologist
    Conducts research on (1) the genetic and physiologic basis of colonization of seeds and roots by plant-beneficial bacteria; (2) the development of techniques for analysis of rhizospherecolonization by plant-beneficial bacteria; (3) the role of colonization by plant-beneficial bacteria in the suppression of soilborneplant pathogens; and (4) the manipulation of colonization by plant- beneficial bacteria for enhanced suppression of soilborneplant pathogens.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-5680
  • Dr. Harry H. Schomberg, Ecologist
    Conducts research on cropping systems management which emphasizes methods to improve soil and crop productivity, increase soil C, improve nutrient and water availability, and reduce potential environmental impacts. Also conducts new research on application of reduced tillage methods for organic grain production.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-5379
  • Dr. Fernando E. Vega, Research Entomologist
    Conducts research aimed at developing innovative pest management methodologies against the coffee berry borer, globally the most important pest of coffee.  Research includes collaboration with scientists in the USA and overseas aimed at discovering new natural enemies and at elucidating important components related to the basic biology of the insect.
    E-Mail or Phone (301)504-5101 


  • Dr. Hye Suk Kong (ROBERTS)
  • Guihua Chen (CAVIGELLI) 
  • Dr. Ruchi Pandey (LAKSHMAN)
    Phone (301)504-5387
  • Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad (MATTOO)
    Emailor Phone (301)504-8156


  • Krystyna Bialek-Kalinski
    Emailor Phone (301)504-6615
  • Anne Conklin
    Emailor Phone (301)504-5283
  • Sarah Emche
    Support Scientist/Microbiologist
    Emailor Phone (301)504-9214
  • Peter J. Ewashkow, Sr.
    Agricultural Science Lab Technician
    Phone (240)304-9743
  • Grace Garst
    Ag Science Research Technician
    Emailor Phone (301)504-5158
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Hawkins
    Program Support Assistant (OA)
    Emailor Phone (301)504-7199
  • Anh Le
    Emailor Phone (301)504-1999
  • Ruth Mangum
    Plant Physiologist
    Emailor Phone (301)504-5525
  • Betty Marose
    Emailor Phone (301)504-5156
  • Laurie McKenna
    Biological Science Lab Technician
    Emailor Phone (301)504-6679
  • Christopher (Chris) Rasmann
    Emailor Phone (301)504-5577  
  • Stanley (Stan) Tesch
    Biological Science Lab Technician
    Emailor Phone (301)504-9069
  • Lauren Young
    Ag Science Research Technician
    Emailor Phone (301)504-6029


  • Kate Anderson (VOLUNTEER/CAVIGELLI) 
  • Gwendolyn Bagley (CAVIGELLI) 
  • Hannah Birnbaum (MILLNER)
  • Nicholas Butler-LaPointe (MAUL)
  • Christopher Chapman (CAVIGELLI)
  • Brian Davis (VOLUNTEER/MIRSKY)
  • Yevheniya Kypchyk (VOLUNTEER/MIRSKY)
  • William Marose (MIRSKY)
  • Alexander O'Neill (MAUL) 
  • Clay Nadasen-Reynolds (CAVIGELLI/RASMANN)
  • Hanna Poffenbarger (MIRSKY)
  • Jessica Rupprecht (MIRSKY)
  • Richard Stonebraker (MILLNER) 
  • Alexandra Welch (CAVIGELLI/RASMANN) 


  • Dr. Thomas Devine, Retired, ARS
  • Dr. John R. Teasdale, Retired, ARS (Collaborator)

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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