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Gary R. Bauchan

Electron & Confocal Microscopy Unit



Scanning Electron  Microscopy Publications

Favret, C., Tzaud, M., Erbe, E.F., Bauchan, G.R., Ochoa, R. An adhesive collophore may help direct springtail jump. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. DOI:10.1093/aesa/sav078

Bolton, S.J., Bauchan, G.R., Ochoa, R. and Klompen, H. A novel fluid-feeding mechanism for microbiovy in the Acariformes (Arachnida: Acari) Arthropod Structure & Development 44:313-325. 2015

Roy, A., Hartung, J.S., Schneider, W.L., Shao, J. Leon, M.G., Melzer, M.J., Beard, J.J., Otero-Colina, G., Bauchan, G.R., Ochoa, R. and Brlansky, R.H. Role bending: Complex relationships between viruses, hosts and vectors related to citrus liprosis, an emerging disease. Phtyopathology 105: 1013-1025. 2015

Schwarz, R.S., Bauchan, G.R. Murphy, C.A., Ravoet, J., de Graaf, D.C., Evans, J.D. Genetic and ultrastructure characterization of a known and new species of Trypanosomatidae from the Honey bee Apis mellifera: Crithidia melifcae Langridge and McGhee, 1967 and Leptomonas passim sp. N. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. 62:567-583. 2015.

Castro, E. B., Ochoa, R., Feres, R.J.F., Beard, J.J. and Bauchan, G.R. Reinstatement of the genus Colopalpus Pritchard and Baker (1958) and re-description of Colopalpus matthyssei Prichard and Baker (1958), the type species of the genus (Acari, Tenuipalpidae). International Journal of Acarology. 41: 310-328. 2015.

Fisher, J.R., Fisher, D.M., Nelson, W.A., O'Neill, J.C., Skvarla, M.J., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G.R., RAdwell, A. J. and Dowling. A.P.G. Torenticola trimaculata n. sp. (Parasitengona: Torrenticolidae), a three-spotted water mite form eastern North America: Taxonomic history, species delimitation and survey of external morphology. Acarologia 55:71-116. 2015.

Vega, F.E., Bauchan, G.R., Infante, F., Valdez-Carrasco, J.M., and Beaver, R. Visualizing the mesothoracic spiracles in a bark beetle: the coffer berry borer, Hypothenemus hamei. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 108:446-448. 2015.

Vega, F.E., Simpkins, A., Bauchan, G. Valdez-Carrasco, J.M., Castillo, A., Infante. A mysterious wing spine in male coffee berry borers (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae). Florida Entomologist 98: 352-353. 2015.

Rezende, J.M., Lofego,A.C., Ochoa, R and Bauchan, G.R. New species of Daidalotarsonemus and Excelsotarsonemus (Tarsonemidae) from Brazil. ZooKeys 475:1-36. 2015.

Beard, J.J., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G.R., Braswell, W.E. Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes) species complex - a closer look. Zootaxa. Monograph 3944:1-67. 2015.

Bolton, S.J., Bauchan, G.R., Ochoa, R. and Klompen, H. Different modes of locomotion in the Nematalycidae. Exper. Appl. Acarology 65:149-161. 2015.

Bonde, M.R., Murphy, C.A., Bauchan, G.R., Luster, D.G., Palmer, C.L., Nester, S.E., Revell, J.M., and Berner. D.K. Systemic Infection by Puccinia horiana, Causal Agent of Chrysanthemum White Rust, in Chrysanthemum. Phytopath. 105:91-98. 2015.

Gamliel-Atinsky, E., Freeman, S., Maymon, M., Belausov, E., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G. Skoracka, A., Pena, J. and Palevsky, E. 2010. The role of eriophyoids in fungal pathogen epidemiology, mere association or true interaction? Experimental & Applied Acarology 51:191-204. Exp Appl Acarol51:191-204 (2010)

Carta, L.K., Bauchan, G.R., Hsu, C-Y, Yuceer, C.Y. 2010. Description of Parasitorhabditis mississippii, n.sp. (Nemata: Rhabditida) from Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann (Coleoptera: Scolytidae). Journal of Nematology 42: 46-54. Journal of Nematology 42(1):46-54.(2010)

Dowling, A.P.G., Bauchan, G., Beard, J. and Ochoa, R. 2010. SEM vouchers and genomic data from an individual specimen: Maximizing the utility of delicate and rare specimens. Acarologia 50: 479-485. Acarologia 50(4): 479-485 (2010)

Macarisin, D., Santin, M., Bauchan, G. and Fayer, R. 2010. Infectivity of Cryptosporidium arvum oocysts after storage of experimentally contaminated apples. Journal of Food Protection. 73:1824-1829. Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 73, No. 10, Pages 1824-1829 (2010)

Ochoa, R., Beard, J.J., Bauchan, G.R., Kane, E.C., Dowling, A.P.G., Erbe, E.F. 2011. Herbivore exploits chink in armor of host. American Entomologist 57:26-29. American Entomologist Spring (2011)

Menon, P., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G., Joshi, S. and Ramamurthy, V.2011. A new genus and species Mangalaus bkapus (Acari: Eriophyidae) from India. Intn. J. Acarology 37:131-142. International Journal of Acarology Vol. 37, No. 2, pages 131-142 April (2011)

Wen, Y., Wang, W, Feng, J, Luo, M_C, Tsuda, K., Katagiri, F. Bauchan, G. Xiao, S. 2011. Identification and utilization of a sow thistle powdery mildew as a poorly adapted pathogen to dissect post-invation non-host resistance mechanisms in Arabidopsis. J. Exp. Bot. 62:2117-2129. Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. 62, No. 6, pp. 2117-2129, (2011)

Fisher, J.R., Skvarla, M.J., Bauchan, G.R., Ochoa, R., Dowling, A.P.G. 2011. Trachymolgus purpureus sp. n., an armored snout mite (Acari, Bdellidae) from the Ozark highlands: morphology, development, and key to Trachymologus Berlese. ZooKeys 125:1-34. ZooKeys 125: 1-34 (2011)

Nickle, D.A. and Bauchan, G.R. 2012. Low-temperature scanning electron microscopy to evaluate morphology and predation of Scolothrips sexmaculatus Pergande (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) against spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae: Tetranychus spp.) Amer. Entom. 58:40-48. American Entomologist, Volume 58, Number 1, pp. 40-49(10), Spring (2012)

Roh, M.S. Bauchan, G.R., Huda, M.S. 2012. Physical and chemical properties of biobased plastic resins containing chicken feather fibers. Hort. Environ Biotechnol. 53:72-80. Hort. Environ. Biotechnol. 53(1):72-80. (2012)

Roh, M.S. Bauchan, G.R., Huda, M.S. 2012. The effect of biobased plastic resins containing chicken feather fibers on the growth and flowering of Begonia boliviensis. Hort. Environ Biotechnol. 53:81-91. Hort. Environ. Biotechnol. 53(1):81-91. (2012)

Beard, J., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G., Welbourn, W.C., Pooley, C., Dowling, A.P.G. 2012. External mouthpart morphology in the Tenuipalpidae: Raoiella a case study. Experimental & Applied DOI 10.1007/s10493-012-9540-2 Exp Appl Acarol DOI 10.1007/s10493-012-9540-2 (2012)

Beard, J., Ochoa, R., Bauchan, G. Trice, M., Redford, A., Walters, T. and Mitter, C. 2012. Flat mites of the world. Part1: Raoiella and Brevipalpus. Identification Technology Program.

Transmission Microscopy Publications

Nagy, A., Mowery, J., Bauchan, G. Wang, L., Nichols-Russell, L., and Nou, X. Role of extracellular structures of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in initial attachment to biotic and abiotic surfaces. Applied & Environmental Microbiology 81: 4720-4727. 2015.

Bakst, M.R. and Bauchan, G.R. Apical blebs on sperm storage tubule epithelial cell microvilli: Their release and intercaction with resident sperm in the turkey hen oviduct. Theriogenology 83:1438-1444. 2015.

Confocal Microscopy Publications

Xiao, Z., Bauchan, G., Nichols-Russell, L., Luo, Y., Wang, Q. and Nou, X. Proliferation of Escherichia coli )157:H7 in soil-substitute and hydroponic microgreen production systems. Journal of Food Protection 78:1785-1790. 2015

Nagy, A., Mowery, J., Bauchan, G. Wang, L., Nichols-Russell, L., and Nou, X. Role of extracellular structures of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in initial attachment to biotic and abiotic surfaces. Applied & Environmental Microbiology 81: 4720-4727. 2015.

Kamo, K., Lakshman, D., Baucha, G. Rajasekaran, K., Cary, J., and Jaynes, J. Expression of a synthetic antimicrobial peptide, D4E1, in Gladiolus plants for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. gladioli. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult. 121:459-467. 2015.

Jenkins, M.C., Widmer, G., O'Brien, C., Bauchan, G.R., Murphy, M.C., Santin-Duran, M. and Fayer, R. A highly divergent 33 kDa Cryptosporidium parvum antigen. J. Parasitological 100 (4): 527-531. 2014.

Yang, T., Peng, H., and Bauchan, G. Functional analysis of tomato calmodulin genes during fruit development and ripening. Hort. Res. doi.10.1038/hortres.2014.57. 2014.

Liu, N.T., Nou, X., Bauchan, G.R., Murphy, C.A., Lefcourt, A.M., Shelton, D.R., and Lo, Y.M. Effects of environmental parameters on the dual-species biofilms formed by Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Ralstonia insidiosa isolated from a fresh-cut processing plant. J. Food Protect. 78:121-127. 2014

Lim, H.-S., Varia, A.M., Bae, H., Bragg, J.N., Ruzin, S. E., Bauchan, G. R. Margaret M. D., Owens R.A., and Hammond, J. 2010. Mutation of a chloroplast-targeting signal in Alternanthera mosaic virus TGB3 impairs cell-to cell movement and eliminates long-distance virus movement. J Gen. Virology 91:2102-2115. Journal of General Virology 91, 2102-2115 (2010)

Macarisin, D., Bauchan, G. and Fayer, R. 2010. Spinacia oleracea L. Leaf stomata harboring Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts: A potential threat for food safety. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76:555-559. Applied And Environmental Microbiology, p. 555-559 Jan. (2010)

Macarisin, D., Wisniewski, M., Bauchan, G. and Samir. D. 2010. The biology of postharvest yeast biocontrol agents. I. Superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide in the antagonist yeast-fruit interaction: A new role for reactive oxygen species in postharvest biocontrol. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 58:194-202. Postharvest Biology and Technology 58 194-202 (2010)

Jang, S.I., Lillehoj, H.S., Lee, S.H., Lee, K.W., Park, M.S., Bauchan, G.R., Lillehoj, E.P., Bertrand, F., Dupuis, L., Deville, S. 2010. Immunoenhancing effects of Montanide ISA oil-based adjuvants on recombinant coccidian antigen vaccination against Eimeria acervulina infection. Veterinary Parasitology. Vol. 172:221-228. Veterinary Parasitology 172 221-228 (2010)

Li, G., Lillehoj, H.S., Lee, K.Y., Lee, S.H., Park, M.S., Jang, S.I., Park, G.M., Bauchan, G.R., Gay, C.G., Ritter, D., Bautista, D., Siragusa, G.R. 2010. Immunopathology and cytokine responses in commercial broiler chickens with Gangrenous Dermatitis. Avian Pathology Vol. 39:255-264. Avian Pathology 39(4), 255-264 (August 2010)

Macarisin, D. Patel, J., Bauchan, G. Giron, J.A. and Sharma, V.K. 2012. Role of curli and cellulose expression in adherence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 to spinach leaves. Foodborne Path. & Dis. 9:160-167. Foodborne Pathogens And Disease Volume 9, Number 2 (2012)

Macarisin, D. O'Brien, C., Fayer, R. Bauchan, G. Jenkins. 2012. Immunolocalization of beta and gama-giardin within the ventral disk in trophozoites of Giardia duodenalis using multiplex laser scanning confocal microscopy. Parasitol Res. DOI 10.1007/s00436-012-2825-x Parasitol Res DOI 10.1007/s00436-012-2825-x (2012)

Lakshman, D.K., Pandy, R., Kamo, K. Bauchan, G. and Mitra, A. 2012. Genetic transformation of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. gladioli with Agrobacterium to study pathogenesis in Gladiolus. Eur. J. Plant Pathol. DOI 10.1007/s10658-012-9953-0 Eur J Plant Pathol DOI 10.1007/s10658-012-9953-0 (2012)

Hirox Digital Video Microscopy Publications

Zhang, B., Luo, Y., Pearlstein, A., Aplin, J., Liu, Y., Bauchan, G., Payne, G., Wang, Q., Nou, X., and Millner, P. 2014. Fabrication of Biomimetically-Patterned Surfaces and Their Application to Probing Plant-Bacteria Interactions. Amer. Chem. Soc. Journal of Appl. Materials & Interfaces 6:12467-12478.

Barnaby, J.Y, Kim, M., Bauchan, G., Bunce, J., Reddy, V, Sicher, R.C. Drought responses of folier metabolites in three maize hybrids differing in water stress tolerance. PLos One 8:e77145 doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0077145. 2013.

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