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David Hyten
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Bldg. 006, Room 200, BARC-West

10300 Baltimore Ave.

Beltsville, MD 20705, USA

Tel. (301) 504-5932



Description of Research activities

Develops high-throughput methods for sequencing soybean DNA for the discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and to characterize genetic diversity in soybean germplasm. Develops high-throughput genotyping methods of SNPs for the creation of high density genetic maps, quantitative trait locus discovery, and whole genome association analysis. Conducts research to study regions that were under selection during soybean domestication to determine how selection has affected the linkage disequilibrium and genetic diversity in the surrounding region. Conducts research to map biotic and abiotic stress resistance and quality traits such as Asian soybean rust resistance genes to help facilitate rapid integration of resistance.


Select Publications

Hyten, D.L., Q. Song, I-Y. Choi, M-S. Yoon, J.E. Specht, L.K. Matukumalli, R.L. Nelson, R.C. Shoemaker, N.D. Young, and P.B. Cregan. 2008. High-throughput Genotyping with the GoldenGate Assay in the Complex Genome of Soybean.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 116:945-952


Choi, I.-Y. D.L. Hyten, L.K. Matukumalli, Q.J. Song, J.M. Chaky, C.V. Quigley, K. Chase, K.G. Lark, R.S. Reiter, M.-S. Yoon, E.-Y. Hwang, S.-In Yi, N.D. Young, R.C. Shoemaker, C.P. van Tassell, J.E. Specht and P.B. Cregan. 2007. A soybean transcript map: gene distribution, haplotype and SNP analysis. Genetics 176:685-696.


Hyten, D.L., I.-Y. Choi, Q.-J. Song, R.C. Shoemaker, R.L. Nelson, J.M. Costa, J.E. Specht and P.B. Cregan. 2007. Highly variable patterns of linkage disequilibrium in multiple soybean populations. Genetics 175:1937-1944.


Hyten D., Hartman G., Nelson R., Frederick R., Concibido V., and Cregan P. 2007. Map Location of the Rpp1 locus that confers resistance to Phakopsora pachyrhizi (Soybean Rust) in soybean. Crop Science 47:835-838.


Yoon M., Song Q., Choi I., Specht J., Hyten D., and Cregan P. 2007. BARCSoySNP23: A panel of 23 selected SNPs for soybean cultivar identification. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 114:885-899.


Hyten D., Song Q., Zhu Y., Choi I-Y., Nelson R., Costa J., Specht J., Shoemaker R., and Cregan P. 2006. Impacts of Genetic Bottlenecks on Soybean Genome Diversity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 103:16666-16671.


Matukumalli, L., Grefenstette J., Hyten D., Choi, I., Cregan P., and Van Tassell C. 2006. SNP-PHAGE - High throughput SNP discovery pipeline. BMC Bioinformatics 7:468.


Matukumalli, L., Grefenstette J., Hyten D., Choi, I., Cregan P., and Van Tassell C. 2006. SNP-PHAGE-ML: Application of Machine Learning in SNP Discovery. BMC Bioinformatics 7:4.


Stefaniak T., Hyten D., Pantalone V., Klarer A., and Pfeiffer T. 2006. Soybean cultivars resulted from more recombination events than unselected lines in the same population. Crop Science 46:43-51.


Hyten D., Pantalone V., Saxton A., Schmidt M., and Sams C. 2004. Molecular mapping and identification of soybean fatty acid modifier quantitative trait loci. Journal of the American Oil and Chemists Society 81:1115-1118.


Hyten D., Pantalone V., Sams C., Saxton A., Landau-Ellis D., Stefaniak T., Schmidt M. 2004. Seed quality QTL in a prominent soybean population. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109: 552-561.


Zhu Y., Song Q., Hyten D., Van Tassell C., Matukumalli L., Grimm D., Hyatt S., Fickus E., Young N., and Cregan P. 2003. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in soybean. Genetics 163:1123-1134.


Spencer M., Pantalone V., Meyer E., Landau-Ellis D., Hyten D. 2003. Mapping the Fas locus controlling stearic acid content in soybean. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106:615-619.


Meksem K., Ruben E., Hyten D., Triwitayakorn K., Lightfoot D. A. 2001. Conversion of AFLP bands to high-throughput DNA markers. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 265:207-214.


Meksem K., Ruben E., Hyten D., Lightfoot D. 2001 Highthroughput genotyping for the detection of polymorphism physically linked soybean cyst nematode resistance gene Rhg4 using Taqman Probes. Molecular Breeding 77:63-71.


Meksem K., Pantazopoulos P., Njiti V., Hyten D., Arelli P., Lightfoot D. 2001. 'Forrest' resistance to the soybean cyst nematode is bigenic: saturation mapping of the Rhg1 and Rhg4 loci. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 103:710-717.


Meksem K., Njiti V., Banz W., Iqbal M., Kassem M., Hyten D., Yuang J., Winters T., and Lightfoot D. 2001. Genomic regions that underlie soybean seed isoflavone content. Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology 1:35-42.


Meksem K., Zobrist K., Ruben E., Hyten D., Quanzhou T., Zhang H-B., Lightfoot D. 2000. Two large-insert soybean genomic libraries constructed in a binary vector: applications in chromosome walking and genome wide physical mapping. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 101:747-755.




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