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USDA Nematode Collection
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USDA Nematode Collection
Established June 1960 By A. Morgan Golden 



      Nematode Collection   Nematode Collection Slide Case

      • One of the largest and most valuable nematode collections in existence.
      • Over 45,000 permanent slides and vials, with a total repository of nematode specimens reaching several million.
      • Including Cobb-Steiner, Thorne, and other valuable collections.
      • Nematodes from world-wide sources.

      • For taxonomic research and reference purposes by U.S. and foreign scientists
      • As permanent repository for type and other specimens
      • Provides data on nematodes hosts, occurrence and distribution

      Ciobb Slide

      One of N. A. Cobb's original slides from 1890 

       The Divisions of the USDANC:

         Type Collection
          Designated types of over 1,500 species
         General Collection
          Species from many different hosts and areas
         Mass Collection
          Reservoir for undescribed taxa
         Demonstration Collection
          Shows symptoms and effects of nematodes on hosts
         Gerald Thorne Collection
          6,600 slides, with many original types
         Steiner Mermithid Collection
          Over 3,400 slides, with original types
         Samples Records Division
          Data on all samples and nematodes examined



      The USDANC Database:
      • Contains over 38,000 species entries.
      • A board range of data is stored for each specimen, including species, host, origin, collector, date collected and date recieved.
      • All records are searchable and available to the public at this address:

      Loans and Deposition:

      • Specimens are avalable for loan to scientists who can not personally visit the collection. Policy for Loaning USDANC Specimens
      • Scientists and other workers are always welcomed and encouraged to deposit material into the collection.

      Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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