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Using the maps and data in the Atlas of Guatemalan Crop Wild Relatives

Genepools and Taxa

The Table of Contents for the Atlas is located in the Places panel on the left side of the screen.All of the crop genepools appear in the folder "Acervos Gen?ticos en Guatemala." To see them, click on the "+" next to the folder.

To view the list of taxa within each genepool, click on the square next to the name of the genepool.

For each taxon, up to four layers may be available to display:

Registro de Germoplasma-- Locations where germplasm samples were collected

Registro de Herbario - Locations where herbarium specimens were collected

Registro de Herbario y Germoplasma - Locations where both germplasm and herbarium samples were collected

Distribuci?n Potencial - Potential distribution of the species based on a climatic envelope model

Click the square next to a layer to display it. Any number of layers may be displayed at the same time.

The details for a record displayed on the map may be viewed by clicking on its symbol.

The entire database of records of germplasm and herbarium specimens may be downloaded here.

Species Richness

For each genepool, a layer titled Riqueza Potencial de Especies displays the number of taxa per unit area based the potential distribution of the taxa. Click the square next to the layer to display it. This layer allows the identification of geographic areas where there is a high probability of finding several taxa in a genepool.Another layer listed at the bottom of the Table of Contents, Riqueza Total, displays the richness of taxa for all genepools.

Protected Areas

Near the bottom of the Table of Contents is a layer tited Mapa de ?reas Protegidas. This layer displays protected areas from the World Database Base of Protected Areas (WDPA). Click the square to the left to display it. The coincidence of protected areas with the distribution of species gives an idea of their conservation status in situ.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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