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Spiroplasma kunkelii
Genome Sequencing Project Project Plan/Coordination

  • High thru-put sequencing, assembly, and computational analysis is being carried out at the ACGT.
  • Development of large insert BAC and cosmid libraries and genome mapping are being done at the MPPL.
  • Proofing of the finished genome sequence and final genome annotation will be coordinated by MPPL in cooperation with ACGT and other participants.
Who is involved?
Personnel involved at the MPPL:
Robert E. Davis, Project Coordinator
Ellen L. Dally, Microbiologist
Ing-Ming Lee, Research Plant Pathologist
Yan Zhao, Molecular Biologist
Thereza S. L. Barros, Ph.D. Student, from University of Brasilia
Rasa Jomantiene, Molecular Biologist, Institute of Botany, Vilnius, Lithuania
Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory (MPPL)
The Laboratory's research involves studies of plant diseases caused by three major types of pathogens: (i) subcellular pathogens (viruses, viral satellites, and viroids); (ii) prokaryotes (phytoplasmas, spiroplasmas, and walled bacteria); and (iii) eukaryotic pathogens (fungi). The research addresses areas including molecular biology, biochemistry, systematics and genomics of plant pathogens; biochemistry and genetics of host-pathogen interactions; and development of virus-based vectors for expression of foreign genes in plants.
Advanced Center for Genome Technology (ACGT)
The ACGT is a Center for genome analysis at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. The Center, directed by Dr. Bruce A. Roe, is involved in sequencing the genomes of bacteria, fungi, and the mouse, and is well known for its large scale genome sequencing efforts in the Human Genome Project.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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