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MPPL Partnering:

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

Development of functional and immunologic approaches to
control avian mucosal pathogens
Partner:  Kerry's Nursery, Inc.
Rosemarie Hammond

Development of improved viroid diagnostics
Partner:  Agdia Incorporated
Rosemarie Hammond

Developing a national plan for citrus leprosis
Partner:   National Plant Disease Recovery System
(USDA   ARS, USDA APHIS, University of Florida)
John Hartung

Enhanced fatty acid production in sugar beet roots and its effect on root biology and disease resistance
Partner:  Audacious Energy LLC.
Anna Smigocki

Sequencing of the sugar beet genome using Illumina technology
Partner:  Audacious Energy LLC.
Anna Smigocki

Insect resistance mediated by over-expression of proteinase inhibitor genes in sugar beet hairy root cultures.
Partner:  Beet Sugar Development Foundation
Anna Smigocki

Analysis of sugarbeet genes involved in pest resistance
Partner:  Towson University
Anna Smigocki

Specific Cooperative Agreements

Trust Fund Cooperative Research Agreements


Redox mechanisms of systemic acquired resistance of plants to infective diseases

        For Former Soviet Union (fsu) grant

        Con Baker


Improvement of root maggot and disease resistance in sugarbeet with proteinase inhibitor genes
Beet Sugar Development Foundation
Anna Smigocki

Gene transfer to optimize the sucrose yields from sugarbeet taproots
Beet Sugar Development Foundation
Anna Smigocki

Visualization and detection of proteins produced by 'Ca. Liberibacter asiaticus' in infected sweet orange and vector psyllids

HLB resistance through transgenic expression of short chain fragment variable antibodies against key Liberibacter epitopes
         Citrus Research and Development Foundation (Florida)
         John Hartung

Development of Cryotherapy as an improved method of eliminating graft transmissible pathogens in Citrus
        Citrus Research Board (California)
        John Hartung

Rear and release of psyllids as biological control agents: A mid term solution for huanglongbing (HLB) disease of citrus
        USDA NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative
        John Hartung

Transmission of Xylella fastidosa to sweet orange seedlings through infected seed.
        USDA APHIS/University of Florida
        John Hartung

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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