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Timothy Gish
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Timothy J. Gish, Ph.D.
Soil Physicist
USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
104 Bldg. 007, BARC-West
Beltsville, MD 20705-2350 USA
Voice: (301) 504-8378
Fax: (301) 504-8931

Research Interests:(click here to see a list of current research projects)

  • Understand and model hydrologic and biochemical processes governing subsurface transport of agrichemicals.
  • Determine field-scale factors, including local meteorology, that influence and/or govern pesticide and agrichemical atmospheric emissions.
  • Develop and evaluate agricultural management practices and chemical alternatives which will maintain crop productivity while conserving soil, water and air resources.


  • 1975 B.S. (Soil Science) Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.
  • 1981 Ph.D. (Soil Physics) University of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA.

Professional Experience:

  • 1976 - 1981: Graduate Research Assistantship, University of California, Riverside, CA.
  • 1981: Post-Doctorate, University of California, Riverside, CA.
  • 1981 - Present: Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Beltsville, MD.

Selected Recent Publications:(please contact the author to determine reprint availability)

(view author's publications/interpretive summaries/technical abstracts since 1999)

Kung, K.-J.S., Kladivko, E.J., Gish, T.J., Steenhuis, T.S., Bubenzer, G., and Helling, C.S. Quantifying preferential flow by breakthrough of sequentially-applied tracers: Silt loam soil. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 64:1296-1304. 2000.

Kung, K-J.S., Steenhuis, T.S., Kladivko, E.J., Gish, T.J., Bubenzer, G., and Helling, C.S. Impact of Preferential Flow on the Transport of Adsorbing and non-Adsorbing Tracers. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 64:1290-1296. 2000.

Angier, J.T., McCarty, G.W., Gish, T.J., and Daughtry, C.S. T. 2001. Impact of a First-Order Riparian Zone on Nitrogen Removal and Export from an Agricultural Ecosystem. TheScientificWorld 1:642-651. 2001.

Daughtry, C. S. T., Gish, T.J., Dulaney, W.P., Walthall, C.L., Kung, K.-J.S., McCarty, G.W. Angier, J.T., and Buss, P. Surface and subsurface nitrate flow pathways on a watershed scale. TheScientificWorld 1:155-162. 2001.

Walthall, C.L., Gish, T.J., Daughtry, C.S.T., Dulaney, W.P., Kung, K.-J.S., McCarty, G., Timlin, D, Angier, J.T., Buss, P., and Houser, P.R. An innovative approach for locating and evaluating subsurface pathways for nitrogen loss. TheScientificWorld 1:223-229. 2001.

Gish, T. J., Dulaney, W.P., Kung, K.-J.S., Daughtry, C.S.T., Doolittle, J.A., and Miller, P.T. Evaluating use of ground-penetrating radar for identifying subsurface flow pathway. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 66:1620-1629. 2002.

Chinkuyu, A.J., Meixner,T., Gish, T.J., Daughtry, C.S.T. The Importance of Seepage Zones in Predicting Soil Moisture Content and Surface Runoff from Watersheds with Gleams and RZWQM, Trans. Am Soc. Ag. Eng. 47:427-438. 2004.

Gish, T.J., Kung, K.-J.S., Posener, J., Bubenzer, G., Helling, C.S., Kladivko, E.J., and Steenhuis, T.S. Impact of preferential flow at varying irrigation rates by quantifying mass fluxes. J. Environ. Qual. 33:1033-1040. 2004.

Venteris, E.R., McCarty, G.W., Ritchie, J.C. and Gish, T.J. Soil organic carbon and soil redistribution: Influence of site history and site variables. Soil Science 169(11):787-795. 2004.

Gish, T.J., Walthall, C.L., Daughtry, C.S., and Kung, K.-J.S. Using soil moisture, remote sensing and yield to confirm small-watershed subsurface flow pathways. J. Environ. Qual. 34:274-286. 2005.

Chinkuyu, A.J., Meixner, T. and Gish, T.J.. Prediction of pesticide losses in surface runoff from agricultural fields using GLEAMS and RZWQM. Trans. Am Soc. Ag. Eng. 48:585-599. 2005.

Kung, K.-J.S., Hanke, M., Helling, C.S., Kladivko, E.J., Gish, T.J., Steenhuis, T.S., and Jaynes, D.B. Quantifying pore-size spectrum of macropore type preferential pathways. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 69:1196-1208. 2005.

Prueger, J.H., Gish, T.J., McConnell, L.L., McKee, L.G., Hatfield, J.L., and Kustas, W.P. Solar radiation, relative humidity, and soil water effects on metolachlor volatilization. Environ. Sci. Technol. 39:5219-5226. 2005.

Kung, K.-J.S., Kladivko, E.J., Helling, C.S., Gish, T.J., Steenhuis, T.S., and Jaynes, D.B. Quantifying pore-size spectrum of macro-type preferential pathways under transient flow. Vadose Zone J. 5:978-986. 2006.

De Lannoy, G.J.M., Verhoest, N.E.C., Houser, P.R., Gish, T.J., and Meinvenne, M.V. Spatial and temporal characteristics of soil moisture in an intensively monitored agricultural field (OPE3). J. Hydrology 331:719-730. 2006.

Chinkuyu, A., Meixner, T., Gish, T., and Nejadhashemi, A.P.. Prediction of NO3-N losses in surface runoff from a field with seepage zones using GLEAMS and RZWQM. Trans. Am. Soc. Agr. Bio. Eng. 49:1779-1790. 2006.

De Lannoy, G.J.M., Houser, P.R., Verhoest, N.E.C., Pauwels, V.R.N., and Gish, T.J. Upscaling of point soil moisture measurements to field averages at the OPE3 test site. J. Hydrology 343:1-11. 2007.

Gish, T.J., and Kung, K.-J.S. 2007. Procedure for quantifying a solute flux to a shallow perched water table. Geoderma 138:57-64. 2007.

Guber, A.K., Gish, T.J., Pachepsky, Y.A., van Genuchten, M.T., Daughtry, C.S.T., Nicholson, T.J., and Cady, R.E. Temporal stability in soil water content patterns across agricultural fields. Catena 73:125-133. 2008.

Joseph, A.T., R, Velde, V.D., O'Neill, P.E., Lang, R.H., and Gish, T. Soil moisture retrieval during a corn growth cycle using L-Band (1.6 GHz) Radar Observations. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing. 46:2365-2374. 2008.

Guber, A.K., Gish, T.J., Pachepsky, Y.A., van Genuchten, M.T., Daughtry, C.S.T., Nicholson, T.J., and Cady, R.E. Temporal stability of estimated soil water flux patterns across agricultural fields. International Agrophyics 22:209-214. 2008.

Gish, T.J., Prueger, J.H., Kustas, W.P., Hatfield, J.L., McKee, L.G. and Russ, A.L. Soil moisture and metolachlor volatilization observations over three years. J. Environ. Quality. J. Environ. Qual. 38:1785-1795. 2009.

Guber, A.K., Rowland, R.A., Pachepsky, Y.A., Gish, T.J. 2010. How Well Do Data from Multisensor Capacitance Probes Represent Plot-Scale-Average Soil Water Contents? International Agrophysics. 24:43-49. 2010.

Joseph, A.T., Van Der Velde, R., O'Neill, P.E., Choudhury, B.J., Kim, E., Gish, T.J. 2010. L band brightness temperature observations over a corn canopy during the entire growth cycle. Sensors. 10:6980-7001. 2010.

Yakirevich, A., Gish, T.J., Simunek, J., Van Genuchten, M.T., Pachepsky, L., Nicholson, T.J. Potential Impact of Seepage face on solute transport to pumped well. Vadose Zone Journal. 9:686-697. 2011.

Gish, Timothy J., John H. Prueger, Craig S.T. Daughtry, William P. Kustas, Lynn G. McKee, Andrew L. Russ, and Jerry L. Hatfield 2011. Comparison of Field-scale Herbicide Runoff and Volatilization Losses: An Eight-Year Field Investigation J. Environ. Qual. 40:1432-1442. 2011.

Yakirevich,A. Y.A. Pachepsky, A.K. Guber, T.J. Gish, D.R. Shelton, K.H. Cho. Modeling Transport of Escherichia coli in a Creek During and After Artificial High-Flow Events: Three -Year Study and Analysis. Water Research (on-line journal 2013.

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