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Earle R Hunt (Ray)

Research Physical Scientist

photo of Ray Hunt
E. Raymond Hunt, Jr. (Ray), Ph.D.
Research Physical Scientist
USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
Bldg. 007, Rm. 104, BARC-West
Beltsville, MD 20705-2350 USA
Voice: (301) 504-5278
Fax: (301) 504-8931

Research Interests:(click here to see a list of current research projects)

  • Detection of invasive plant species using remote sensing (see 'On the Research Side' in the January, 2008 BARC e-Newsletter)
  • Estimation of canopy water content using shortwave infrared reflectance
  • Remote sensing of rangeland health
  • Development of remote sensing indices based on biophysical principles
  • Use of Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV's) as an alternative platform for agricultural remote sensing


  • 1978 B.S. (Botany) Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • 1981 M.S. (Botany) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 1984 Ph.D. (Botany) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Professional Experience:

  • 1984-1986: University of California at Los Angeles, Laboratory of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, Los Angeles, CA; Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • 1986-1989: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA; Member of the Technical Staff and Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • 1989-1995: University of Montana, School of Forestry, Missoula, MT; Research Assistant Professor
  • 1995-1999: University of Wyoming, Department of Botany, Laramie, WY; Assistant Professor
  • 1999-Present: USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Beltsville, MD; Research Physical Scientist


  • 1992: Faculty Merit Award, University of Montana
  • 2005: Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights Award, USDA-ARS Beltsville Area
  • 2008: Excellence in Technology Transfer Award, Federal Laboratory Consortium
  • 2009: Technology Transfer Award, USDA-ARS Beltsville Area

Professional Service:

  • 2000-2006: Science Advisor for Imagine Excellence/El Ingeniero
  • 2003-2009: Associate Editor, Rangeland Ecology & Management
  • 2007-present: Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal
  • 2009-present: Associate Editor, Remote Sensing Letters

Selected Publications: (Ordered chronologically.  Please contact the author to determine reprint availability.)

(view author's publications/interpretive summaries/technical abstracts since 1999)

Parker Williams, A. and Hunt, E. R., Jr., Estimation of leafy spurge cover from hyperspectral imagery using mixture tuned matched filtering, Remote Sensing of Environment 82:446-456, 2002.

Winslow, J. C., Hunt, E. R., Jr., and Piper, S. C., A phenological model of the global C3 and C4 grass distribution with application to the United States Great Plains under a VEMAP climatic change scenario, Ecological Modelling 163:153-173, 2003.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Everitt, J. H., Ritchie, J. C., Moran, M. S., Booth, D. T., Anderson, G.L., Clark, P. E., and Seyfried, M. S., Applications and research using remote sensing for rangeland management, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 69: 675-693, 2003.

Parker-Williams, A., and Hunt, E. R. Jr., Accuracy assessment of leafy spurge detection with hyperspectral remote sensing, Journal of Range Management 56:106-112, 2004.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., McMurtrey, J. E., III, Parker-Williams, A. , and Corp, L. A., Spectral characteristics of leafy spurge leaves and flower bracts, Weed Science 52:492-497, 2004.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Cavigelli, M., Daughtry, C. S. T., McMurtrey, J. E., III, and Walthall, C. L., Evaluation of digital photography from model aircraft for remote sensing of crop biomass and nitrogen status. Precision Agriculture 6:359-378, 2005.

Hunt, E. R. Jr., and Miyake, B. A., Comparison of stocking rates from remote sensing and geospatial data. Rangeland Ecology & Management 59:11-18, 2006.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Daughtry, C.S.T., Kim, M.S., and Parker Williams, A.E., Using canopy reflectance models and spectral angles to assess potential of remote sensing to detect invasive weeds. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 1(013506):1-17, 2007.

Yilmaz, M.T., Hunt, E.R., Jr., Goins, L.D., Ustin, S.L., Vanderbilt, V.C., and Jackson, T.J., Vegetation water content during SMEX04 from ground data and Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 112:350-362, 2008.

Yilmaz, M.T., Hunt, E.R., and Jackson, T.J., Remote sensing of vegetation water content from equivalent water thickness using satellite imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 112:2514-2522, 2008.

Eitel, J. U. H, Long, D. S., Gessler, P. E., Hunt, E. R., Jr., and Brown, D. J., Sensitivity of ground-based remote sensing estimates of wheat chlorophyll content to variation in soil reflectance. Soil Science Society of America Journal 73:1715-1723, 2009.

Serbin, G., Hunt, E. R., Jr., Daughtry, C. S. T., McCarty, G. W., and Doraiswamy, P. C., An improved ASTER index for remote sensing of crop residue. Remote Sensing 1:971-991, 2009.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Hively, W. D., Fujikawa, S. J., Linden, D. S., Daughtry, C. S. T., and McCarty, G. W., Acquisition of NIR-green-blue digital photographs from unmanned aircraft for crop monitoring. Remote Sensing 2: 290-305, 2010.

Hunt, E. R., Jr. and Linden, D. S., US Patent 7,911,517, Device and method for acquiring digital color-infrared photographs for monitoring vegetation. March 2011.

Wang, L., Qu, J. J., Hao, X., and Hunt, E. R., Jr., Estimating dry matter content from spectral reflectance for green leaves of different species. International Journal of Remote Sensing 32: 7097-7109, 2011.

Wang, L., Hunt, E. R., Jr., Qu, J. J., Hao, X., and Daughtry, C. S. T., Estimating dry matter content of fresh leaves from the residuals between leaf and water reflectance. Remote Sensing Letters 2:137-145, 2011.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Daughtry, C. S. T., Eitel, J. U. H., and Long, D. S., Remote sensing of leaf chlorophyll content using a visible waveband index. Agronomy Journal 103:1090-1099, 2011.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Hively, W. D., McCarty, G. W, Daughtry, C. S. T., Forrestal, P. J., Kratochvil, R. J., Carr, J. L., Allen, N. F., Fox-Rabinovitz, J. R., and Miller, C. D., NIR-green-blue high resolution digital images for assessment of winter cover crop biomass. GIScience and Remote Sensing 48:86-98, 2011.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Li, L., Yilmaz, M. T., and Jackson, T. J., Comparison of vegetation water contents derived from shortwave-infrared and passive-microwave sensors over central Iowa. Remote Sensing of Environment 115:2376-2383, 2011.

Hunt, E. R., Jr., Doraiswamy, P. C., McMurtrey, J. E., III, Daughtry, C. S. T., Perry, E. M., and Akhmedov, B., A visible band index for remote sensing of leaf chlorophyll content at the canopy scale. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, in press (Jul. 27, 2012).

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