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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Mark K Ehlenfeldt

Research Geneticist (Plants)


Image of Dr. Mark EhlenfeldtDr. Mark Ehlenfeldt

Blueberry - Research Plant Geneticist


Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research & Extension
125A Lake Oswego Road 
 Chatsworth, NJ 08019

 Phone: 609-726-1590 ex. 4421





Staff:  Robert Martin, Jr. - Biological Science Lab Technician

Research interests

  • Identification and incorporation of resistance to two fungal diseases of blueberry, mummy berry (Monilinia vacinii-corymbosi) and anthracnose fruit-rot (Colletotrichum acutatum).
  • Development of screening procedures to allow for early evaluation of resistance, mechanisms of resistance, and studies of inheritance are important aspects of this research. 
  • The breeding program has ongoing studies of germplasm introgression, utilizing V. ashei, V. constablaei, and V. darrowi, and studies of fruit quality characteristics focused on organic acid composition and firmness.

The USDA blueberry breeding program co-operates with programs in seven states, and distributes materials of both highbush and rabbiteye blueberries. The program supports continued evaluation and variety release with state co-operators, and has released four cultivars in the last four years.

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