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Ornamental Red and Blue Peppers - ARS Image D254-24 Stephen Ausmus Exhibiting a Pepper for Every Pot
June, 2007 - GIFVL plant geneticist John Stommel's research is featured in an exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Gardens.




Twice as Nice Breeding Versatile Vegetables
September, 2006 - Agricultural Research magazine. Edible Ornamental Peppers 

Benefits of Compound in Blackberries Studied
September, 2006 - Agricultural Research Service New Brief. Compound isolated from fresh blackberries may inhibit the expression of cancer-promoting agents

Breeding Better Beans
June, 2006 - Agricultural Research magazine.

Eggplant Found to Have an Antioxidant Kick
January, 2004 - Agricultural Research magazine. Increasing Disease Resistance in Common Beans



Building a Better Blueberry 
November, 2002 - Agricultural Research magazine. Regenerating Blueberry Plants From Plant Tissue    






Flavorfest - 2012 

Click for video:  USDA Researches Year Round Strawberry Growing


ARS News Articles

New Hope for Extending Fresh-cut Vegetable Storage
Dec 31, 2015
A New Blueberry for Home Growers
Jun 19, 2015
Ramping Up Pterostilbene in Crops
Nov 25, 2013

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