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Strawberry - Sustainability Cost Comparison
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Summary for Establishing Strawberries

YearYield per AcreIncome per AcreLaborServiceMaterialsEquip.Comm. HarvestTotal Variable
Pre-Plant  $38$0$173$31 $243
Planting Yr.00$458$0$1,128$321$0$1,907
1st bearing7,000lb$9,800$543$0$1,840$258$1,794$4,434
2nd bearing7,000lb$9,800$543$0$1,683$258$1,794$4,277

Two other issues also play a role in the study of sustainable strawberry crop cost comparison : Image of a strawberry field with people picking off in the distance
  • Public perceptions versus consumer preferences
  • Environmental Stewardship

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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