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Environmental Fate and Transport Research

MaSTiS - Microorganism and Solute Transport in Streams


In-stream fate and transport of solutes and microorganisms need to be understood to evaluate its suitability for agricultural, recreational, and household uses. Concerns of safety of this water resulted in development of predictive models for estimating concentrations and total numbers of pathogen and/or indicator organisms being released during and after high-water flow events. The purpose of this technical bulletin is to describe the MaSTiS (Microorganism and Solute Transport in Streams) mathematical model and the corresponding computer code. Transport of microorganisms and solutes are simulated based on advection-dispersion equations coupled with the Saint-Venant equations that model flow of surface stream water. The models accounts for the transient storage effect. Input and output files are described and examples are provided.

Grace Coolidge Creek, SD. Photo: Joyce Williamson, US Geological Survey, US Department of the Interior.

Grace Coolidge Creek, SD. Photo by Joyce Williamson, US Geological Survey, US Department of the Interior.

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