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Precautions Against the Spread of Brood Diseases
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Burning Hives
Burning Hives
  • Keep the apiary clean and tidy. Do not throw propolis or burr comb on the ground where it may be robbed. Place it in a suitable container and remove from the apiary.
  • Do not buy colonies of bees except from disease-free apiaries. Do not accept swarms of unknown origin.
  • Do not buy old combs without knowing the disease history.
  • Disinfect secondhand equipment before use.
  • Do not feed honey or pollen from doubtful sources.
  • If a colony dies, close the hive pending an examination to prevent remaining stores from being robbed.
  • Do not exchange brood or super combs unless they are from disease-free colonies.
  • Prevent robbing at all times.
  • Minimize drifting as much as possible.
  • Inspect your own colonies for disease, do not wait for someone else to do it for you. Always keep a careful watch for signs of disease. If you see suspicious signs of diseases, call upon your apiary inspector for advice and assistance.

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