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Shardendu Singh

Visiting Scientist

Research Interests


I have studied on the impacts of environmental stresses on crop physiological, vegetative and reproductive processes. Coupling high-throughput genetic and phenotypic information and screening of crop genotypes to improve yield and stress tolerance under field conditions. Developing and validating remote sensing hyper-spectral algorithms in crops for water and nutrient management and precision agriculture. I have studies several crop species such as corn, cotton, soybean, cowpea, canola, switch- grass, sorghum and wheat grown in controlled environments or under field.

My current research is mainly focused on water and nutrient relation of plants and developing process based algorithms to improve crop simulation models GOSSYM (cotton) and GLYCIM (soybean). This research emphasizes nutrient stress and its impact on the interaction with climate change factors such as CO2, temperature and water stress. Quantification of crop growth, developmental rates and their dependence on the photosynthetic capacity which relates to the range of internal and external factors such as tissue nutrient concentrations, temperature, water and carbon dioxide to improve crop model's predictability.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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