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Beef study: USDA Select and USDA Choice cuts

Scientists from Texas A & M University (TAMU), Texas Tech University (TTU), Colorado State University (CSU), and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) collaborated with USDA scientists in this Nutrient Database Improvement (NDI) study for obtaining updated nutrient data for U.S. retail beef cuts. Data were needed due to changes in the beef industry. Carcasses were collected at seven major U.S. packing plants according to a statistically based plan to assure nationally representative samples. Scientists at TAMU, TTU, and CSU fabricated retail cuts and cooked each cut using established protocols. USDA-approved laboratories analyzed raw and cooked samples using validated methods, reference materials, and random duplicates for quality assurance. This dataset provides analytical proximates values and estimates of variability for 98 USDA select and choice cuts, raw and cooked, from the NDI study. As a result, these beef data enable researchers to accurately evaluate the role of beef intake in health and support consumers in making healthy choices.