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CSFII 1985-86 Instructions for Downloading Files
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We suggest you print these instructions before you begin the download. Click on the "printable version" link above. Then click on File > Print > OK.

Each download item is a single self-extracting executable PKZip? data file. Each download item contains separate SAS files for each record type that is available.

To download:

  1. On the web page, select the file in the dataset download drop down box. In the dialog box that pops up, click on "save" or "save file."
  2. In the "save as" dialog box, select a destination directory in which to save the downloaded file. Click "save" to begin the download.
  3. After the download is complete, use "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to locate the file in the destination directory.
  4. For self-extracting files, begin the extraction by double-clicking on the file. (Your antivirus or firewall software may give you a warning such as "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" To continue extracting, click on "Run.") In the dialog box that opens, click "finish." When asked whether to create a directory, click "yes." The extraction software will create a directory on your C drive labeled "CSFII8586" and the appropriate subdirectory, e.g., "C:\CSFII8586\core85\4 day."